Expiry date. What is the shelf life of candies?
The hard candy products are microbiologically very stable products. Candies contain a low percentage of water (<2%), a very low pH, between 2 and 3 units, and are cooked at very high temperatures. All this makes that there is no expiry date for them.
 What quality certifications hold our company?
We manufacture under the ISO9001:2015 and BRC Food .
 Our products, are they suitable for diabetics?
The sugarfree products that we manufacture contaisn a base of Isomalt, one of the sweeteners with lowest glycemic index in the market, and are completed with a mixture of intensive sweeteners, Acesulfame k and Sucralose, also with a very low glycemic index. This mixture is suitable for diabetics Type I and II. Excessive consumption of these products may cause laxative effec.
 Gluten. Are our products suitable for coeliacs?
None of the products we make has gluten. We require our suppliers allergens certificates for all raw materials and we do not acquire any containing gluten, avoiding further potential cross-contamination. We do periodical analysis of our products in order to guarantee the absence of allergens. All our products are included on the Official List of FACE (Federation of Associantions for Celiaques in Spain).
 Which are the ingredients of the candies and lollipops?
Hard candies and lollipops are mainly composed by sugar and glucose syrup. The remianing ingredients are found in much lower percetange and are citric acid, aromas and colorants. There are a wide range of other ingredients thay may be used depending on the required product as natural honey, plant extracts, chewing gum, vitamins, etc.

At Caramelos Cerdán we only work with the best raw materials available. This fact, added to a strict quality control over the entire production process, guarantees the maximum quality of our finished products. Caramelos Cerdán manufactures under the ISO9001:2015 and BRC Food Quality Standards and we are dealing to get the IFS in the next months.

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